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John Dickinson produced four instructional videos using computer simulations to demonstrate some fundamental physiological principles inherent to human cardiovascular, pulmonary, and renal physiology and the way the body handles foreign substances. These four video lectures are accessible from this page. The demonstrations also vividly illustrate the immense progress video and computer technologies have made over the past fifty years.

Apart from showing John Dickinson as a superb teacher, the videos also demonstrate the potential of computer simulations for investigating and explaining complex processes despite the somewhat primitive technological level of the 1970s.

To view any of the videos, just click on the corresponding field. You may be somewhat disappointed with the technical quality, but please keep in mind not only the state of video technology in the 1970s but also the fact that the UMATIC tapes on which they were recorded have suffered for over 40 years in some forgotten basement archive to be revived in a 2024 lab.